Medical Ear Piercing

Medical Ear Piercing

Medical Ear PiercingMedical Ear PiercingMedical Ear Piercing

Performed by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner using Blomdahl medical grade ear piercing system and earrings 



Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing

About the Medical Professional


Heidi Kubit MS, RN, CPNP


Heidi Kubit is a licensed pediatric nurse practitioner with degrees from Farmingdale State College and Molloy College. Her 10 years of experience treating infants and children demonstrates how well versed and knowledgeable she is in the field of pediatric care. However, her strength lies in her bedside care manners and the attention she gives to all of her patients. She began piercing ears in a pediatrician’s office more than five years ago, and she easily calms fears and assures worrisome parents during the procedure.  



What age do we start?

Will start piercing at 3 months of age to any age.  

What parts of the body do you pierce?

Earlobes only.  Whether first or 3rd hole.  No cartilage.  

What are the earring studs made out of?

Either medical grade plastic or medical grade titanium.  The piercing posts are thicker allowing for easier changing to the first pair of earrings.

Are the tools sterilized?

The earring comes in an individualized  sterilize package that is open in front of you.

How long does the numbing cream take to work?

The numbing cream is applied immediately upon arrival to allow at least 25 min time to work.

What happens if the back falls off or the earring comes out?

You will be provided with an extra back.  If the earring falls out it is recommended to replace an earring immediately.   You will not replace with the original earring.  It  is recommended to have a back up pair available.  You can purchase a pair from me which is medical grade plastic or titanium or from elsewhere.  The first year is important that you do not use any nickel plated earrings.  They should be a minimum of 14K gold.

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